30 Nov

This is getting exhausting. Just past Thanksgiving, and we're now several weeks into round 2. And this time, we're going darker, into the winter and not lighter, into the spring ... so buckle up everybody! put on your good attitudes and your fuzzy socks, because ..... here we go!!! Trying to find a good attitude, or something to be thankful for, is a challenge at the moment, isn't it? We're just so tired of it all.

But life goes on, within us and without us, and around us and out there. As always, Nature takes its course. Early this morning, although obscured here by cloud cover, occurred another partial lunar eclipse, the last of this year. Apparently, 2020 has delivered a high number of lunar and solar astronomical events, more so than usual; perhaps that makes sense given the high intensity energy of the year.  Today is also a full moon, what the farmers call a "Beaver Moon" because it's when the beavers, by instinct, crawl into the ground and hibernate for the winter. They don't think about it much, I guess; they just do what they're supposed to do and don't waste energy fretting.

Animals generally don't "fret":  they don't have that level of mentality. The animal experts tell us that animal consciousness is aligned with that of the natural world, and their instincts guide them accordingly. Humans, on the other hand, have the gift of "higher" Consciousness, which clearly is a double-edged sword. If anything, 2020 has offered to expand our Consciousness to take in the larger world around us, and beyond: the mythologists teach us that WE are thrust into "awareness" by way of crisis. We have the potential to do something hopeful with that, and that seems like an unexpected gift to me.

So I am grateful for this, and for warm places to tuck into, and for artists and writers who help us to feel and to think .... as I look forward to a long Winter of trying not to fret.

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