31 Jan

I have been thinking about this: It is 2020, which I'm calling the Year of Perfect Vision. The year that things shall become clear, hopefully to enable the human race to see our way out of the mess that we've found ourselves in. 

That is a little grand, tho, so I shift, to smaller-scale: I think of my own little life, about the little messes I keep finding myself in, or contributions to the world that I'd like to make. I hear myself saying things like:  "I wish I had more time to paint" ...  and then:  "I do have time to paint, why am I not painting?" and then: "why didn't I draw more when I had time last summer?" and then, and then, and then. What I keep recognizing is a difficulty "settling down" to do these things because I am distracted by that which I have not done: other things, the kind of things we all have to attend to, because we live in the world. Responsibilities, say, which I have put off that are tickling the corners of my mind. (Or, by upsetting thoughts about the crazy world.)  I am thus restless, vaguely foggy and fighting myself.

    I think, "if I had these things done, it might be easier for me to paint." 

I was considering this the other day, and the phrase that popped into my head was "Eat your peas ……..." ……...  and then you can have dessert, that's what THAT meant. If our work is done and we've taken care of business,  we might feel free to paint .... or play, make music, or create something cool. 

But we have to eat our peas first ..... and to do that, we need to be able to see a little more clearly, to order priorities.

So, I have been giving some thought to how many other people I know who are either struggling to eat their peas, or who ONLY eat peas, all the time. Or who have peas just lying all over the place, or have no idea where the peas even are. I'd like to explore this in the year 2020, the Year of Perfect Vision. I'd like to invite others who are working on this project in their own way to explore it as well. 

To that end, I'm going to make a commitment to myself that I'm going to write a bit and post some ideas here (which, by the way, I finally got my website up ..... it's barely February of the Year of Perfect Vision and here it is! after a year-and-a-half of procrastinating.) Maybe I'll even open up and "curate" this blog space so that those working in therapy, maybe you, might share their own ideas, little works of art, accomplishments, short stories or other fruits of labor that now exist because of proper pea-eating. 

It may not save the world, but it's a step in the right direction. 


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